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Tyranny of Dragons
Greenest in flames

Start Day: Tarsahk 19th

The PCs see Greenest in flames and send their caravan master, Hari Paddlefoot, a scrimshaw peddler from the ten towns, back the other way. The PCs successfully sneak into the town. The PCs encounter Linan Swift, her husband Cuth, and their three children in the fires of the town, being accosted by 8 kobolds. The PCs kill the kobolds, and save Linan and her family. They are able to bring 11 refugees into the keep. Once inside the keep, the PCs speak to Governor Nighthill, who asks them to help defend the keep.

End Day: Tarsahk 19th

Episode 1: Greenest In Flames
Part 2

Players: Jeff, Brent, Pete
Start Day: Tarsahk 20th

Before the PCs can get their wits about, the keep is attacked by the adult blue Dragon Lennithon. The PCs got a few hits in before the dragon was able to kill all of the walls defenders (9 defenders died or were injured), and the clearly uninterested Dragon flew away after meeting more resistance, however minimal, than she wanted to deal with. Next, the PCs spotted a burning mill. They ventured out to attempt to save it. They drove off the attacking Kobolds and cultists, but once they went inside the quickly realized the fire was a ruse to draw them out. Cultists attacked from the loft and the PCs barely survived their deception. Then, the PCs attempted to save the temple of Chauntea in town. The avoided the front door and marauding cultisits by attacked the lightly defended back door, and with the help of the temple priest, Eadryn Falconmoon, the PCs were able to get most of the townsfolk to the safety of the keep. Finally, the half blue dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath challenged one person to single combat, or a family he had captured (that belonged to Sergeant Markguth )would be killed. Pete’s character took the challenge and was defeated, but the Sergeant’s family was spared. Thus concluded Episode 1: Greenest in Flames.

The PCs started tracking the raiders after Governor Nighthill offered them 250 gp each. As they prepared to leave town, Nesim Waladra, an injured monk, asked the PCs to look for his master, Leosin Erlanthar. He tells the PCs that Leosin had been studying the raiders for months, and could have useful information regarding the raids. ThePCs agreed to look for Leosin. The PCs easily tracked the raiders and defeated some stragglers. They received some information form the surviving Kolbolds and cultist, who they turned loose to walk back to town and turn themselves in. The kobold tried hard to help the PCs (purely for selfish reasons) but was turned away.

the PCs are at 800 XP.
End Day: Tarsahk 21st

Episode 2: Raider's Camp

Players: Charles, Jeff, Katie, Pete

Start Day: Tarsahk 21st

The PCs avoid the camp rearguard and infiltrate the camp of the cult of the dragon. The learn the leaders of the camp are named Frulam Mondath, Langdredosa Cyanwrath, and Rezmir. Rezmir is in charge. The PCs infiltrate the camp an find Leosin Erlanthar who they save when Laucian casts charm person on his to convince him to leave the camp. Once back in Greenest, Governor Nighthill rewards the PCs with 250 gp. Leosin then offer the 150 gp each to go back to the camp and find out where the loot is going and what is in the cave.

End Day: Tarsahk 24th
PCs earn 500 XP each (total of 1300 XP).

Episode 3: Dragon Hatchery

PCs: Jeff, Katie, Brent, Pete, Chuck

Start Day: Tarsahk 24th

The PCs travel from Greenest back to the camp and find it mostly abandoned. The kobold huts are burnt, and only a couple hunters occupy the cult camp. The proceed to investigate the cave, and are attacked a pair of dragon claw cultists when the enter. They defeat them but fall victim to a sliding stair trap and are attacked by violent violet fungi, that they defeat. They then find signs of stirges in a bat cave but slip past. finally, they find a training ground for guard drakes, and defeat their kobold trainers, as well as the kobolds that swarm up from the barracks nearby.

XP: 445 EACH, 1745 total

end Day: Tarsahk 26th

Episode 3: Dragon Hatchery, Part 2

Players: Brent, Charles, Jeff, Jon, Katie, Pete

Start Day: Tarsahk 26th

The PCs find a new dwarven warrior named Rudy and free him. They then proceed to a shrine of Tiamat and confront Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. After some taunting, the PC gain revenge for his attack on Greenest and slay him. They then note the room is a shrine to Tiamat, showing her exiting a large volcano. They note that black dragons are over represented in the shrine. The manage to pull the chest out of the room (mostly) unharmed and then take a rest after driving off some kobolds. Next, they find the hatchery for the dragon eggs, and defeat the kobolds, roper, and drakes living there. The PCs mercilessly slaughter the black dragon eggs and the babies inside. Fen Long notes that they were probably left behind because they were so close to hatching.

XP: 850 each

End Day: Tarsahk 27th

Episode 3: Dragon Hatchery, Part 3
Tyranny of Dragons

Start Day: Tarsahk 27th

Players: Charles, Jeff, Jon, Katie

After mercilessly slaying the helpless baby dragons, the PCs explore more of the cave. They run into a couple cultists, and follow them outside the cave to be confronted by the remaining cultists. Frulam Mondath waits for them there, and tells them she must go but expects them soon to die. She then rides off on her dragon, and the PCs fight off a horde of cultists. After the fight, the PCs meet Tym, a drunken member of the cult who doesn’t seem very dedicated…or sober.They travel back to Greenest, and are given horses with which to ride 6 days to Elturgard, the capital of Elturul. There they meet Ontharr Frume who engages the PCs in some friendly games to test their mettle. They pass with flying colors, and later meet with Onthar, Leosin Erlanthar, and Ylvia who explain to the PCs that the cult’s stolen loot is moving north, through Baldur’s Gate, to destinations unknown. They want the PCs to hook up in a wagon train with the loot and find out where it is being taken.

end Day: Mirtul 4th

XP Total: 2907

Episode 4

Players: Charles, Jeff, Katie, Pete


Mission: Follow the cultists without their knowing it to find out where they’re taking the loot.

After selling loot and spending a 10 day in Baldur’s Gate, the party visits a contact of the Harpers. Ackyn Selebon says he can get the adventurers introduced to some merchants that will be on the next caravan leaving town, the one that the cultists should be part of. The party tries to get hired on by one of the more reputable merchants, going to see Samardag “The Hoper.” He’s too nice and optimistic for his own good. He will hire the most of the party as body guards for 10 gp per day with pay at the end of the trip (remind Lucas). Laucian fails to impress Samardag, and instead finds a female woodelf named Edhelri Lewel who is hauling a large amount of rare Chultian wood. He shows he can levitate the heavy logs and is hired on as a bodyguard. Edhelri plans to haul the wood to Waterdeep to be made into expensive cabinetry. The day before the adventurers are to leave, they notice a person on a palanquin being carried around surveying things, trying to stay concealed. They also see cultists around serving as guards, laborers, etc. They’re dressed to blend in.

Day 1

Mirtul 20

The caravan leaves Baldur’s Gate on Myrtyl 20. The journey will take approximately 60 days. It’s a big caravan – 20 wagons or more. The cult’s wagons are separated, making sure to reveal no relationship with each other. Edhelri is concerned about the caravan reaching the Fields of the Dead. Lots of bones and undead are possible there, as it is the scene of an ancient battle. The caravan travels later into the night to get through the Fields of the Dead as quickly as possible. In the rush, one of the cult’s wagons tips over and treasure falls out of the chest. People notice and are annoyed because the caravan is held up at dusk in a dangerous area. Party members in Samardag’s employ are a few wagons behind and stay with our own so as not to be recognized by the cultists.

Evening of first day of travel – Contraband

On the first day, the party “makes” charisma checks.
Fenlong 15
Laucian 10
Torcon 2
Niri 2

Day 2

Mirtull 21

Laucian notices that Edhelri has had a cough all morning. Around midday, she suddenly starts coughing up lots of blood, hemorrhaging out of her orifices. He sends his owel familiar, Chelsinara, to somewhat subtly summon Niri who rushes to her side. She is dead by the time the cleric gets to her. Niri determines that Edhelri was poisoned, a well-known poison from Kalashan. One that anyone could have obtained. Laucian knows that she ate from a shared dinner with a large number of people last night. On the morning she ate individually. The party and others investigate her rations and water skin and determine she must have consumed the poison the previous night. None of her belongings seem contaminated, and it appears someone must have slipped something into her food.

Edhelri was by herself on the caravan and an argument ensues over what to do with her cargo and wagon. Samardag is arguing with an older heavy man who is claiming to know by law that the goods go to the person with the first claim. He announces that is him, Aldor Urnpoleshurst, a barrister. Samardrag counters the man’s claims are false and they should donate the proceeds of the wood to children’s charities. Another man, a tall Shaarite, is clearly listening and taking in this argument. Laucian suggests Aldor is conniving to seize the goods for his own profit, rather than legally steward them to the proper authorities. Aldor, blustering, starts accusing the party members of killing Edhelri. Fen Long intimidates the lawyer, who starts to back down.

The tall Shaarite intervenes to avoid violence. He says that everyone should agree to leave the matter to the authorities of Waterdeep. Laucian agrees to steward the wagon’s cargo, to attempt to get her workers paid, and to turn the goods over to the proper authorities, retaining no claim on the goods other than his wages. Aldor is angry, but seems just an opportunist.

The tall man who is so reasonable is named Sulesdeg “The Pole.” He is guardingLai Angesstun’s wagon(s), a gold dwarf near the front of the caravan. Laucian and Sulesdeg get along well – he does not care for Fen Long.

300 XP

Day 3

Mirtul 22

No significant events.

Day 4

Mirtul 23

Still crossing the Fields of the Dead, the caravan comes across a copse of trees. Just at dawn, someone screams “spiders!”

Episode 4, Part 2

Players: Charles, Jeff, Jon, Katie, Pete


Continuation of Day 4

Mirtul 23

The caravan is ambushed by spiders and ettercap(s?). Rudiger, previously indisposed by his caravan master, Beed Sechepol, a male half elf merchant selling ale, is able to rejoin the party. He is a basic guard for 5 gp per 10 day. (The previous wages were stated incorrectly – it is 10 gp per tenday).

The caravan in the front is maned by The Pole and a merchant. The ettercap and spider ambush is throughout the caravan, proving difficult for the party. The group manages to defeat them, but one ettercap gets away with the merchant’s horse. He insists The Pole and some of the party to go get the horse, but they refuse to send Sulesdeg on a suicide mission. Peeking into his wagon, Fen Long realizes what the merchant thinks are invaluable Kalashite silks, are actually infested with worms and therefore useless. He is Nyerhite Verther, male human, dark skin, Chondathian. Fen Long does not inform him of the problem with his freight.

Days 5 – 9

Mirtul 24 – 28

Day 10

Mirtul 29
Torkon notices that at least a couple of the guards from one of the guard wagons have been eyeing him and seem to be on to the party. One in particular. Fen Long and Laucian are going to try and figure out a “solution” without raising suspicion. Fen Long manages to slip him something that makes him sick and sleepy. That night, assisted by Laucian’s casting of Invisibility, he slips into the tent and smothers the guard. He manages to slip back out unnoticed.

Event – successfully completed Recognized

Day 11

Mirtul 30

Nothing happens.

Day 12

Kythorn 1

Nothing happens.

Day 13

Kythorn 2

Midday, the caravan comes upon a wagon on its side. A merchant and his guards are taking refuge behind, surrounded by hobgoblins. Suspecting a trap, the party nonetheless engages the hobgoblins when they attack the merchant and guards. They slay the hobgoblins and their captain runs away. The merchant, a noble, thanks the group profusely. He requests help getting his wagon righted, to buy some horses, and to join caravan with his guard. His name is Eloshin and he seems to be carrying spices and sundry. The party gets him hooked up to the caravan for a finders fee of 20 gp. He has plenty of money to buy horses.

Event – successfully completed Stranded

Day 14

Kythorn 3

The party rounds a bend in the road, hearing shouting ahead. Investigating, they find human head laying in the middle of the road. It appears that the man has been buried in the road and is unconcious, but not dead. Niri heals him and extracts him. He is dehydrated and has been exposed to the elements. Nyerhite suggests that we leave him as he has “oath breaker” carved in the dirt before him. The merchants are perturbed as the party unburies him over the course of a couple hours. Once the man is dug out, the party rests for a bit, until finally, the man is able to talk.

He was promised to marry a woman, but he broke up with her because he found out her father and brother are bandits and expected him to join their gang. Laucian thinks he’s lying, based on a check, but later finds a Harper tattoo. He gives a signal that he’s a Harper, but continues to question him for cover, and brings him along. Carlon Amoffel is his name. Carlon then rides with Laucian. He says he’s trailing the cultists, they found him out, and did this to him. He will help us when we get to Waterdeep as he is from there.

Event – Payback

Day 15

Kythorn 4

Event #2


Episode 4, Part 3
Electric Boogaloo

Players: Charles, Jeff, Jon, Katie, Pete

Day 15

Kythorn 4

On a hot afternoon, the caravan comes to a halt. Closest to the front, [[:laucian-naito | Laucian sends his owl familiar, Chelsinara, up to see what’s going on. A horse is laying in the road being beaten by its owner.It is apparent that the horse is clearly just exhausted and has been mistreated. A noble is beating it to death, yelling for it to get up, calling it a “useless nag.”

As the rest of the party approaches, they notice the noble’s guards – a knight and a mage. [[:niri | Niri]] buys the horse for 100 gold so that the party can save it. Ed note: Not revising the following sentence, which is in Katie’s words.This guy’s a real piece of dick meat. Laucian takes the horse to join his group, as he needs one. The party names the horse Benjamin. He’s not a great horse, if solid, but he’s super sweet. They will take good care of her.

Day 16,17

Kython 5,6

Nothing happens.

Day 18

Kython 7

Just after the party has broken camp for the night, 4 gnolles approach the camp and attach. The party deftly dispatches them.

Day 19-20

Kython 8,9

Nothing happens.

Day 21

Kython 10

Just at camp break, harpies call out. During the skirmish, several of the party members get charmed by the harpies’ song. The party ends up scattered far and wide, chasing their respective harpies. Eventually the party manages to defeat them.

Day 22-26

Kython 11-15

Nothing Happens

Day 27

Kython 16

After a few uneventful days and a couple of cold rainy days, the group is soaked to the bone. The caravan arrives at an inn in a decent sized town. Igar’s Plow, a warm comfortable inn. The party requests multiple rooms but is informed they are sold out. This strikes them as odd as the common room is empty. In the corner, there is a group laughing at the adventurers. Their spread is nice, they have good wine, and appear to be nobles. Despite their taunting, the party avoids conflict, instead camping as usual.

Day 28

Kython 17

Party is exhausted due to a sleepless night.
Event #5


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