Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Episode 3: Dragon Hatchery

PCs: Jeff, Katie, Brent, Pete, Chuck

Start Day: Tarsahk 24th

The PCs travel from Greenest back to the camp and find it mostly abandoned. The kobold huts are burnt, and only a couple hunters occupy the cult camp. The proceed to investigate the cave, and are attacked a pair of dragon claw cultists when the enter. They defeat them but fall victim to a sliding stair trap and are attacked by violent violet fungi, that they defeat. They then find signs of stirges in a bat cave but slip past. finally, they find a training ground for guard drakes, and defeat their kobold trainers, as well as the kobolds that swarm up from the barracks nearby.

XP: 445 EACH, 1745 total

end Day: Tarsahk 26th

Episode 2: Raider's Camp

Players: Charles, Jeff, Katie, Pete

Start Day: Tarsahk 21st

The PCs avoid the camp rearguard and infiltrate the camp of the cult of the dragon. The learn the leaders of the camp are named Frulam Mondath, Langdredosa Cyanwrath, and Rezmir. Rezmir is in charge. The PCs infiltrate the camp an find Leosin Erlanthar who they save when Laucian casts charm person on his to convince him to leave the camp. Once back in Greenest, Governor Nighthill rewards the PCs with 250 gp. Leosin then offer the 150 gp each to go back to the camp and find out where the loot is going and what is in the cave.

End Day: Tarsahk 24th
PCs earn 500 XP each (total of 1300 XP).

Episode 1: Greenest In Flames
Part 2

Players: Jeff, Brent, Pete
Start Day: Tarsahk 20th

Before the PCs can get their wits about, the keep is attacked by the adult blue Dragon Lennithon. The PCs got a few hits in before the dragon was able to kill all of the walls defenders (9 defenders died or were injured), and the clearly uninterested Dragon flew away after meeting more resistance, however minimal, than she wanted to deal with. Next, the PCs spotted a burning mill. They ventured out to attempt to save it. They drove off the attacking Kobolds and cultists, but once they went inside the quickly realized the fire was a ruse to draw them out. Cultists attacked from the loft and the PCs barely survived their deception. Then, the PCs attempted to save the temple of Chauntea in town. The avoided the front door and marauding cultisits by attacked the lightly defended back door, and with the help of the temple priest, Eadryn Falconmoon, the PCs were able to get most of the townsfolk to the safety of the keep. Finally, the half blue dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath challenged one person to single combat, or a family he had captured (that belonged to Sergeant Markguth )would be killed. Pete’s character took the challenge and was defeated, but the Sergeant’s family was spared. Thus concluded Episode 1: Greenest in Flames.

The PCs started tracking the raiders after Governor Nighthill offered them 250 gp each. As they prepared to leave town, Nesim Waladra, an injured monk, asked the PCs to look for his master, Leosin Erlanthar. He tells the PCs that Leosin had been studying the raiders for months, and could have useful information regarding the raids. ThePCs agreed to look for Leosin. The PCs easily tracked the raiders and defeated some stragglers. They received some information form the surviving Kolbolds and cultist, who they turned loose to walk back to town and turn themselves in. The kobold tried hard to help the PCs (purely for selfish reasons) but was turned away.

the PCs are at 800 XP.
End Day: Tarsahk 21st

Tyranny of Dragons
Greenest in flames

Start Day: Tarsahk 19th

The PCs see Greenest in flames and send their caravan master, Hari Paddlefoot, a scrimshaw peddler from the ten towns, back the other way. The PCs successfully sneak into the town. The PCs encounter Linan Swift, her husband Cuth, and their three children in the fires of the town, being accosted by 8 kobolds. The PCs kill the kobolds, and save Linan and her family. They are able to bring 11 refugees into the keep. Once inside the keep, the PCs speak to Governor Nighthill, who asks them to help defend the keep.

End Day: Tarsahk 19th

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