Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Rise of Tiamat, Session 3


Elesian 26th

As the party proceeds forward, Rudiger triggers a pressure plate, causing a large sphere composed of bones to roll down the ramp behind them. It grabs some of the adventurers and causes a lot of damage. Niri is knocked unconscious but revived by Fallon.

Didarius’s voice rings out again, with a phrase about humility. Torcon remembers that this reminds him of a gesture particular to Mystral. As the adventurers proceed through the door, they perform a small ritual to Mystral, seemingly bypassing a trap.

In the next room is a 12 foot tall humanoid male on a throne surrounded by a large pile of treasure. This looks like it could be Didarius but huge. The statue speaks, demanding tribute for answers to questions. Fen Long lays down a bit of copper and asks the whereabouts of Verym. The statue ignores the question.

Deciding to explore onward before trying again, the party inspects another door near the entrance to the dungeon. On the door is a magical, animated image of Didarius. Rudiger believes there may be a cave in on the other side of the door. As expected, when the door is opened, a cave in is revealed as even more rubble falls into the room.

The party returns to he statue room and inspects the second door. It is a library, emptied of its contents. . Upon entrance to this room, the statue rises up, showing “Intruders!!”, and shows hostile intent.

During the battle, A ghost pops up in the hallway where some members are fighting from afar. She tells us we should have all given tribute. Upon defeating the golem, Ilda, the neurotic librarian ghost, attacks because the party attempts to take the treasure. Fen Long manages to calm the ghost, but not before she has artificially aged Niri and Rudiger.

A hidden door is found in the hallway, masking a dumbwaiter that drops down into a stairwell. Upon descent, the adventurers find a door behind which they hear talking. Opening it, they find a room full of ghosts and spectres.

Start next time surrounded by ghosts and spectres.


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