Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Rise of Tiamat, Session 2

January 28 2015

With Leosin Erlanthar’s urging, the party decides to pursue the white dragon mask and it’s bearer, a shield dwarf. It is rumored the dwarf has lost the mask in the vicinity of Boareskyr Bridge.

Elesias 20

Upon travelling there, the party discovers a tent settlement has sprung up around the bridge, catering to travelers on the busy road. The party stops at one of the few buildings in the area, Bolo’s Inn – a rowdy rough and tumble establishment catering to travelers and merchants. The barkeep, Bolo himself, describes a dwarf in purple robes who killed a presumed Yaun-ti (note – it isn’t “Juan-ti”, Katie, ay diosssssss mio! Don’t forget to roll the s’s. -ed) in the bar and then headed to the hills. The settlement believes the dwarf a hero for his actions. Through aerial scouting, the party has a general idea of where he went and when, and will try to catch up tomorrow.

Elesias 21st

The party follows the trail uneventfully for 6 hours, resting midday. That afternoon, there is some confusion on the path taken by the dwarf and his followers. After some discussion, the party decides on a path and follows it, uneventfully, until evening.

Elesias 22nd

A flock of large birds is seen in the distance. Vultures of some sort, that seem to be circling. On investigation, the party finds a clearing with bodies of lizard folk and adventurers. Attempting to search the bodies, the vultures descend and try to protect their food. A well placed fireball ends the vulture’s threat, though there is nothing of note on the bodies.

Elesias 23rd

In the afternoon, the adventurers come across an old abandoned shrine to Mystral. Laucian performs a ritual and gets inspiration.

Elesias 24th

Uneventful Travel.

Elesias 25th

In the morning, the party comes upon a resting place, a fairly recently made unmarked grave. Using Speak with Dead, Niri discovers it is Gallant Longstryder. He utters that he was killed by poison by snake people. His next of kin is Alan Longstyder of Waterdeep. Laucian uses a Sending to inform the council of the death and next of kin.

During first watch, three young women, in tattered rags and emaciated, stumble into our camp. They try to run, but are too weak. The women want to get back to their home, Brightland. They had been captured by lizard men who took them to the snake men. On further discussion, the adventurers learn that there was a nearby tomb from which they escaped. The party finds a safe place for them to hide and do a sending to Winterhound to request evacuation. It will take 12 days for someone to rescue them. The party attempts to convince the women to stay hidden and not try to keep running, and that they will attempt to pick them up on the return trip.

Elesian 26th

By midmorning the party reaches their destination. Remains of a tomb w/ a crumbling fountain, walls, statues, carvings, etc. Present are a smoldering campfire and 7 shallow graves.The graves are those of cultists, but not a dwarf.

On examining the statues, they move and warn that the adventurers come before Didarius, Etherwalker and conduit of clairvoyance. Didarius extends wisdom and knowledge, we must choose. He will give the party what we seek if we show proper respect. The statue stops moving and returns to normal. Didarius seems to have been a diviner who scrys into the planes.

There is treasure in the antichamber.

Pressing further in, Didarius’ voice informs the partyto look away from the dark spaces. They avert their eyes and press on. The next room contains a magical mosaic on the floor. As the party walks across it, the pieces move and a mosaic chimera assembles before them. It is destroyed, and the adventurers explore a weird room w/ a water-stealing fountain.


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