Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Rise of Tiamat, Session 1

January 21 2015

Elesias (Highsign) 9th

Party is on floating castle with Blagothkus headed toward Spine of the World. A messenger bird brings a scroll of teleport from Leosin. Included is a message urging the parties’ presence at a council of leaders from the Sword Coast, intent on dealing with the threat of the Cult of the Dragon.

On arrival in Waterdeep, the party meets with Leosin at the Dragons’ Head tavern, where they spend the night on his coin. The party researches magic items and liquidates some gems. From Leosin, they learn that Arthagast Ulbrinter, a masked lord of Waterdeep, has been murdered by the cult. The death is the talk of the town.

As the party goes about their business, an odd, silent, uncomfortable, possibly magical “funk” settles over the town for a brief time. It then dissipates, like a barometric pressure change. It is noticed by all and seems very peculiar.

Elesias 10

The party arrives to the council and speaks with Leosin. He informs them the council is concerned about the army massing at the Well of the Dragons. The council is composed of not only leaders of nations, but leaders of important factions, including the Harpers. This is a political group – everyone has their own aims and intent.

As the party arrives at the council chamber, Leosin points out the members:

Remallia Haventree – Female Moon Elf, Harper – trusted friend of Leosin. Her husband was Arthagast Ulbrinter, the slain masked lord of Waterdeep.

Ontharr Frume – Dwarf Knight that engaged party with arm wrestling previously. Leader of Order of the Gauntlet. Has a positive impression of party from previous dealings.

Delaan Winterhound – (Type?) Elven Ranger – Uncomfortable in the city, dressed for the Woods. Represents the Emerald Enclave. Would be a valuable ally, represents Druids and Rangers. Friends with ancient Truant named Groot Turlang

Lord Dagult Neverember – Human leader of Neverwinter, Open Lord of Waterdeep. Statesman, powerful, might be overburdened in leading two major cities and the council. Would make a powerful Ally, and would command mercenaries and troops from around the world.

Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil – Dwarf – Represents Mithral Hall and Citadel Adbar, Feldbar. Focused on interests of the dwarves and the kingdoms of the North.

King Melandrach – Moon Elf – King of the Misty Forest, Moon Elves. Commands Elven eldritch knights. Hauty, seeming racial supremacist, but fair minded.

Marshall Ulder Ravengard – Human – He LEADS the Flaming Fist!, official militia of Baldur’s Gate. Commands more military might than anyone on the council. Would be excellent to lead armies into battle. Master tactician.

Taern “Thunderspells” Hornblade – Very old Human Wizard – defended Silverymoon and led it for centuries. Now their representative. City is protected by powerful Mythals. Commands the army of Silverymoon and Knights in Silver.

Sir Isteval – Human Paladin of Torm – Retired adventurer, walks with limp that cannot be magically healed. More experience with Dragon slaying than anyone on council. Reputation as very trustworthy, would make a valuable ally.

Party joins the council. Lord Neverember starts the meeting, accurately recapping parties exploits over the past few month in helping to thwart the cult. Complimentary and impressed with their efforts, as are Sir Isteval, Ulter Ravengard, and Ontharr Frume. Neverember states that unity in the room is a boon, with an obvious subtext.

Brawnanvil questions how the party could allow the giants to go to the Spine of the World unopposed, as they are a great threat into themselves. He seems concerned that giants will rise up and wipe out or enslave the Dwarven kingdoms.

Some council members question the party’s allies of convenience – Isteval and Ontharr.

Remallia expresses concern over the party’s slaying of Resmir, the black dragon wyrm speaker. She believes the party should have captured him instead, for interrogation or to use as a hostage. The party defends their action stating they had to fight a dragon, and had no means to capture and hold him at the time. While Remallia seems to accept the explanation, she implores the party to attempt to capture, rather than kill, in the future. At this, Fen Long rolls his eyes. Remallia and Neverember seem to be ok with him, but Ontharr and Isteval less so.

Winterhound is upset about the natural order of things and the party’s destruction of the dragon eggs. Dalgult believes the eggs should have been sold. Ulder concurs. Hornblade defends the party’s actions, bringing up the difficulty in transporting them. Party defends themselves as well.

Hornblade begins to question Isteval and how he used to work for the Purple Dragons of Cormyr. Isteval, surprisingly, states he does represent Cormyr, and therefore the War Wizards and Purple Dragons as well.

Party attempts to describe to the council the level of organization and dedication shown by the4 cult, as well as the need for unity. Emphasizes the severity of the threat of the Cult, stating that even the Zhents seem concerned.

King Melandrach agrees and states they are equally concerned, but the council should not be rash. He believes as long as the party has the Black Dragon Mask, the cult cannot raise Tiamat. He seems only concerned about the Elves.

The councils asks to see the mask, which the party produces. There is some debate on who should protect the mask. Most of the council members feel they are the best candidate to protect the mask, while the party believes the mask should be destroyed. Laucian Naito suggests a subcommittee for dealing with the mask, suspecting the subcommittee actually deciding on a course of action will make the temporary guardian of the mask effectively it’s protector. The party will guard the mask in the meantime.

The party also states intent to research the ritual required for raising Tiamat, concerned that killing one speaker and holding one mask may not be sufficient to halt the ritual.

Lady Dala Silmerhelve joins the council at the invite of Lord Neverember. She is a Waterdeep noble. Silmerhelve mentions the odd disturbance from the previous day and states that it is a result of the Draakhorn – an item that summons dragons that will be noticed all along the Sword Coast.

The council bestows a writ on the party to act on their behalf. After the council, they will meet with Lady Dala to get more information. Ontharr is nominated to lead the subcommittee for party ethics.

Degald calls for a motion to pool resources to move toward the Well of Dragons. Isteval says they are marshaling for war, but not yet committed. Ulder says Baldur’s Gate will commit only to training at the time. The Order of the Gauntlet, lead by Ontharr, is ready to march against the dragons.

Delaan Winterhound belives the rising of the Dragons is the natural order of events an will not support the party. Connorad says the dwarves are too concerned with the possibility of the Giants rising up to deal with the Dragons. King Melandrach is unconcerned, but keeping an eye on things. Remallia agrees that now is the time for gathering information and will direct her resources into doing so. Melandrach agrees to assist in this, and at Laucian’s request, will assist with the aid of magical scrying.

Dagult and Neverember seem to be riding the fenc.

(Events I wrote on the back of my character sheet concerning location of Draak horn – Sea of Moving Ice and a group of neutral people – go here)

After the council, Leosin pulls the party aside and says that Remallia has found out that Verym, the White Dragonspeaker, was spotted at the Boaresker bridge – the spot where Cyric killed Baal and took over the portfolio of death during the Time of Troubles. He is the person Talis angry with for being picked Dragonspeaker over her.

After some research, it is learned that the ritual can succeed without all 5 masks, though it is easier and possibly more powerful with them. The party decides to leave the mask with the council, specifically Thunderspells, for protection.

The members of the party break out to speak to council members one on one. Rudiger Fahlenbrach speaks with Ontharr. Ontharr isn’t sure if he would have destroyed the dragon eggs, but he knows it was a difficult decision made with limited resources. He reiterates the party should have captured Resmir for interrogation. Rudy and Ontharr converse for a while, fostering some camaraderie.

It is decided the party needs to work on Brawnanvil, Isteval and Winterhound.

Laucian speaks with Winterhound, who is profoundly upset with the party’s destruction of the black dragon eggs.

Katie’s notes below – ed.

He’s still hung up on the baby dragons. Good fucking god. He won’t shut up about it.

He thinks Tiahmet might be a cleansing. He’s fucking Kirk Cameron. This is Left Behind for him.

He’s goddamn Westboro Baptist.

He’s willing to talk to us though and is totally amicable.

-end Katie’s notes – ed.

Isteval and Niri Garask speak. He suggests the party show their mettle, proving themselves with deeds, not words. Bring the council results, in the form of dragon heads if possible. He believes the party did the right thing with the White Dragon and seems overall supportive.

For now we will keep the great sword and insignia of claws. The other loot is liquidated and 3 doses of revivify on hand.

Fen Long will gather information on the council utilizing his shadowy contacts.


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