Niri Garask

Human Cleric of Illmater


Niri is a short, slender young woman with fair skin and black eyes and hair. She is a wise and all around physically adept caster. She is of moderate intelligence and not an bad sort of person, but people don’t tend to like her very well.


Niri is a loyal follower of Ilmater. She believes strongly that it is her duty to help the sick and injured, whether they be of royal blood or the lowest commoner. Despite her wish to help others, she has a hard time interacting well with others due to her incredibly poor hearing. That comes from an injury that occurred when she was young – her village was attacked by a rival clan during a political upheaval. A magical blast cost Niri much of her hearing and both of her parents. As clerics from the larger province arrived in town to aid the wounded, Niri couldn’t help but notice that they focused the majority of their attention on the nobility and saved little of their divine and magical resources for the peasants. From that day, Niri vowed to never be one to overlook the needs of the lesser people. She grew up serving in a temple to Ilmater and became a cleric when she matured, opting to travel with adventurers in an effort to see more of the world and learn how she could help people beyond her small village.

Niri Garask

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