Laucian Naito

Elf Diviner, Sage, Formerly of Candlekeep, Follower of Oghma


(lau see un nigh ee toe) Tall and skinny by elven standards, Laucian is highly intelligent, surprisingly nimble, and hale. Though blessed with fair elven features, he comes across as erudite at best, autistic at worst. The sage will often miss the forest for the trees, obsessing over a small, obscure detail and ignoring the larger “human” or emotional impact. He is seemingly driven by a thirst for knowledge, of any kind, and can become obsessive over solving mysteries or revealing secrets.

Laucian is frequently in the company of an adult owl, his familiar, Chelsinara.


Laucian, above all, loves a good mystery.

A fanatical collector of knowledge, the Elf spent his youth in Wizardly studies, maturing into a wizard and sage of some skill, if little renown. Most of his career and life have been driven by his want to understand a mysterious manuscript secretly passed down through his family for thousands of years. It’s purpose lost to antiquity, the book seems to detail fantastic rituals involving dragons. Despite great mental and magical effort, it has been untranslatable to generations of his family.

Laucian has spent the past several years at Candlekeep, researching the tome, furthering his studies of magic, and like many residents of the library, picking up worship of Oghma. Despite his efforts, the wizard has been unable to make measurable progress on the book, other than realizing it is 1) Older than he previously believed 2) Magically preserved from fire, water, and age.

His research options seemingly exhausted, Laucian has turned to adventuring, hoping to apply his arcane and investigative skills to that profession, and to perhaps further his own abilities through experience. He holds faint hope that perhaps the answers he seeks are somewhere out there, waiting to be found.

Laucian Naito

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