Fen Long

Shifting and shadowed human, comfortable in silence


Fen Long is a human of medium build, but very deft of movement. When not ending the life of one who warrants such action, he has been seen staring off to the East. Virtually always dressed in darker colors accented only with hints of red and gold to break up any discernable pattern, Fen Long appears inconsequential and unnoticed in the world until he springs into action.


Rumored to have trained with a particular league of assassins in the East, Fen Long’s dealings have garnered him an unspoken respect in the circles of thieves around the Realms. Said to have been taken under the wing of a powerful mob faction leader early in his life, Fen Long is mentioned mostly in whispers. It is also rumored he maintains contact with someone specific who is able to send Fen Long information, but nothing is known about the identity of that individual.

Even amongst the circles he has traveled, honor is of great importance to Fen Long. In almost any instance, he’d sooner pay out of his own pocket than steal from a comrade. It was this sense of honor, however, that resulted in a very important family heirloom being stolen from him and believed by one he once considered a friend. He now searches all the Realms following leads and rumors to lead him to the culprit.

When among comrades, the best laid plans often do not hit point with Fen Long. He travels like the water, flowing where it leads. So a strategy or plan laid out for a mission may very well be forgotten or ignored if it doesn’t feel right.

Fen Long

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