Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Episode 4, Part 5


Day 47 – 49

Flamerule 6-8

Nothing happens.

Day 50

Flamerule 9

Arrive in Daggerford. This is the last overnight stay in a town until we arrive in Waterdeep.

There are no potions to buy.

Day 51

Flamerule 10

First day outside of Daggerford, a female gnome is showing interest in a human in the cultist caravan. She is hanging out near the caravan, trying not to be noticed. Torkon is sure that she realizes that he has his eye on her. Torkon confronts her as they parrot each other’s questions. They agree to talk later, after Torkon reveals he is not “friends” with the cultists. Gemna Gleamsilver is the gnomes name.

Day 52-55

Flamerule 11-14

Nothing happens.

Day 56

Flamerule 15

Gemna swipes Torkon’s gruel, poking through it with a dagger. She uncovers a rolled up bone, intended to poison the oatmeal, and informs Torkon it’s likely the entire party’s oatmeal is poisoned. The party investigates their own food and finds other foreign objects, though it’s immediately unclear if they are actually poison or not. The party does not eat. That evening, Gemna asks the party if they found anything else in their food. She says she shares the goal of stopping the cult and works for mercantile interests. She wants to work with the party to sneak into the wagons tonight and find out what the cultists are up to. It is believed she works for the Zentarim. She needs to report back to her superiors what they are taking and where they are taking it. TP agrees to work with her, tells her what’s in the wagons. They’ll stay separate for now so as to avoid suspicion.

Day 57

Flamerule 16

Nothing happens.

58th day

Flamerule 17

The party wakes to the sound of people screaming “murder.” Cultists are heading toward the adventurers. A cultists points to Fen Long and says “murderer and thief.” His party member has been killed by a sword or some sort, but looks like it couldn’t be a rapier, as Fen Long carries. The cultist levies all kinds of accusations against the party. Simon, the cultist, is inconsolable despite a man who joined the caravan in Daggerford trying to talk sense into him. But as people start asking the cultists to show their wares and tell what has been stolen, they pipe down and things calm down. Niri notices that Gemna has been conspicuously absent this morning despite her having been present the last few days.

Day 59

Flamerule 18

Nothing happens.

Day 60

Flamerule 19

The caravan arrives in Waterdeep. Gemna meets back up with the adventurers. She says the cult is heading north out of town. TP will keep up with them. Gemna was most likely responsible for the murder of the cultist. Azbara Jos, the man in robes who spoke sense at that time, continues to travel with the cultists. They’re joining up with another caravan which is most likely heading toward Neverwinter. Laucian tries to buy a sleep spell from a wizard named Peryton. Peryton wants 100 gp and to trade spells. Fen Long makes contact with his contact to send word to Neverwinter to find out about the cultists arriving. The party joins up with this new caravan.

Day 61

Flamerule 20

The party heads out with the new caravan, containing 6 supply wagons and various staff and guards.

The cultists are keeping an eye on TP. This should be a 10 day journey.

Day 61 – 66

Flamerule 21-26

Nothing happens.

Day 67

Flamerule 27

The party is ambushed by lizardfolk, which are defeated.

Day 68

Flamerule 28

Nothing happens.

Day 69

Flamerule 29

A troll attacks the caravan. the party kills it before it reaches the group.

70th day

Flamerule 30

Two Ogres charge the caravan. The party kills them, but not before Torkon critically misses one and it throws his ax 30 feet behind him.

That evening the caravan arrives at Carnath Roadhouse.

XP: 975

Total XP: 5712



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