Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Episode 4, Part 4

Day 28

Kython 17

Laucian has been studying his manuscript and this morning a female human approaches. She is solid green, but otherwise attractive. She has noticed the manuscript and wants to buy it. Laucian of course says it’s not for sale. She thinks it has something to due with her condition. She is flustered and leaves at his refusal. He secures the manuscript moving forward as she seems to be eyeing him.

Rest of the day uneventful.

Day 29

Kython 18

Laucian wakes up to find the manuscript is gone. He freaks out. He begins asking after the girl and finds her walking. She asks if he has come to sell her the book and claims innocence. Laucian charms her and she is telling the truth. Laucian remembers that there were a few people around during the conversation about the book. A quiet gnome, a female guard, a female shield dwarf who is a bitch. Laucian begins to question the guards for his own shipment if they saw any of the people around last night. Eldkin Edgetool, a persnickity guard lectures Laucian that he should have done a better job guarding his book. She explains that that another guard from another caravan and her were switching places that night. Turns out it was one of the ones who heard the conversation the day before. The bitchy shield dwarf, Tygit Skesh, was the one who was guarding that night.

Laucian detects something magical on Tygit as he approaches. She says she didn’t see anything last night and seems to be telling the truth. When questioned, the magic appears to be radiating from her ax. Tygit is angered by the intrusion.

The other guard who overheard the conversation does not detect as magical.

Laucian seeks out the aforementioned gnome. He detects something magical underneath the wagon. He approaches and asks if the gnome saw anything around his wagon. The gnome is not forthcoming.

Laucian approaches the merchant for this wagon. There is also a gargoyle perched on the seat of the wagon. The merchant is also unwilling to chat, but seems reserved rather than hostile.

At lunch break, Laucian asks Fen Long to check out the wagon. He finds the false bottom, opens it and finds the manuscript. He closes it back to make it look undisturbed and successfully returns the book to Laucian.

Laucian now takes extraordinary precautions w/ the book and informs the gnome, Radecere Perethun that if Laucian finds the book missing again, he will kill him. The gnome shows no reaction. Eldkin seems distraught with her failure to guard the caravan. In the future, she promises to be extra careful, as does Laucian. Just for the record, she does not want to have sex with him. Tygit also does not want to have sex with Laucian. He apologizes to her for accusing her and they’re good. Still no sex on the table.

Day 30

Kython 19

The merchant from the wagon Radecere was riding with approaches Laucian and says he has told the gnome to leave his group. The merchant, Lasfero, tells a joke as a means to make amends. The joke seems to indicate that Lasfero does want to have sex with Laucian.

Day 31 – 36

Kython 20 – 25


Day 37

Kython 26

It’s a beautiful sunny summer afternoon, when the party sees a heard of deer running though the field. Amongst them is a huge golden deer. Fallon remarks that it would be really bad if the guards/hunters killed this good omen. The party tries to spread the word to kill all the deer they want, but not the stag. Only three hunters don’t get the word or understand. Fallon seems to think it would be super bad to kill this god-touched magnificent beast.

The party tries to catch up w/ the hunters and shout at them to stop. Laucian levitates the leader of the little party and tries to get them to think it is the wrath of Malechi. They believe it and fall off, the stag tries to get the party to chase it into the woods, they do. In this copse of trees, the stag stops and speaks to us. It says “You’re on the right track. Must follow river of gold until reach the castle in the sky. Sadly the path will be filled with hardship and blood. Not all will survive.”

Floating down from the sky is a beautiful longbow covered in leaves and vines. It is Amandil, the heart of courage. He says not all of us will survive. The party takes the magical bow, probably for Fen Long. As Fen Long picks it up, he notices it is incredibly light and gives him the ability to understand elvin. He also feels invulnerable while holding the bow.

Day 38 – 39

Kython 27-28

Nothing happens.

Day 40

Kython 29

That night, party rolls into a town, has drinks in a tavern. Samardag is talking to a really well equipped group of 4 adventurers.

Day 41

Kython 30

In the morning, Samardag lets the party know he has hired those new people as guards. They’re cheaper and better he says. He’s trying to be nice, but he seems to have made up his mind. Niri tells Samardag she understands and to let her know if he needs anything. The party will ride w/ Laucian’s group. Fen Long tells him he will keep an eye on the new hires and if they cross Samardag, they’ll be dealt with.

Later that day, the party notices Peyrtons circling over Samardag’s wagon. One swoops down and attacks the wagon, grabs the wizard and the other new hires scatter while screaming. The adventurers run to Sam’s assistance while experiencing quite a bit of schadenfreude. They are successful and realize that the new hires were in fact actors. They are distraught over their mage that was killed. Sam admits his error and hires the party back at double the rate and w/ a guaranteed contract.

Day 42 – Day 45

Flamerule 1-4

Nothing happens.

Day 46

Flamerule 5

Starting two days ago, all day and night storms, wind, and eerie sounds could be heard. The party finally falls asleep after 2 days of not sleeping well at all. Even the guards fall asleep. When everyone wakes they are surrounded by small mushrooms. They look like shriekers, but very small. Some of them are convinced they are deadly poisonous and if they are stepped on will cause death in a couple hours. Samardag steps on some and tiny shrieks go up.

As the group debates, the mushrooms grow. Laucian tries to get everyone to leave, believing them harmless. He is not convincing enough and everyone is scared and stays put. Laucian rides through, but as he does so he starts to freak out from the screams. He finally collapses to the ground and has a breakdown about his own mass murder of the mushrooms. Chaos ensues.

After about an hour, the mushrooms are about a foot tall. Niri tries to examine Laucian while Fen Long tries to take his book to keep it safe. Torcon rages and tries to cut them all down. He actually has more luck and clears a path in front of the caravan. Enough that the merchants will move forward. Torcon keep the path clear as he can and the group finally passes through. They’re up to the waist by the time the caravan passes.

XP: 600 each
total of 4737 now


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