Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Episode 4, Part 3

Electric Boogaloo

Players: Charles, Jeff, Jon, Katie, Pete

Day 15

Kythorn 4

On a hot afternoon, the caravan comes to a halt. Closest to the front, [[:laucian-naito | Laucian sends his owl familiar, Chelsinara, up to see what’s going on. A horse is laying in the road being beaten by its owner.It is apparent that the horse is clearly just exhausted and has been mistreated. A noble is beating it to death, yelling for it to get up, calling it a “useless nag.”

As the rest of the party approaches, they notice the noble’s guards – a knight and a mage. [[:niri | Niri]] buys the horse for 100 gold so that the party can save it. Ed note: Not revising the following sentence, which is in Katie’s words.This guy’s a real piece of dick meat. Laucian takes the horse to join his group, as he needs one. The party names the horse Benjamin. He’s not a great horse, if solid, but he’s super sweet. They will take good care of her.

Day 16,17

Kython 5,6

Nothing happens.

Day 18

Kython 7

Just after the party has broken camp for the night, 4 gnolles approach the camp and attach. The party deftly dispatches them.

Day 19-20

Kython 8,9

Nothing happens.

Day 21

Kython 10

Just at camp break, harpies call out. During the skirmish, several of the party members get charmed by the harpies’ song. The party ends up scattered far and wide, chasing their respective harpies. Eventually the party manages to defeat them.

Day 22-26

Kython 11-15

Nothing Happens

Day 27

Kython 16

After a few uneventful days and a couple of cold rainy days, the group is soaked to the bone. The caravan arrives at an inn in a decent sized town. Igar’s Plow, a warm comfortable inn. The party requests multiple rooms but is informed they are sold out. This strikes them as odd as the common room is empty. In the corner, there is a group laughing at the adventurers. Their spread is nice, they have good wine, and appear to be nobles. Despite their taunting, the party avoids conflict, instead camping as usual.

Day 28

Kython 17

Party is exhausted due to a sleepless night.
Event #5



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