Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Episode 4, Part 2

Players: Charles, Jeff, Jon, Katie, Pete


Continuation of Day 4

Mirtul 23

The caravan is ambushed by spiders and ettercap(s?). Rudiger, previously indisposed by his caravan master, Beed Sechepol, a male half elf merchant selling ale, is able to rejoin the party. He is a basic guard for 5 gp per 10 day. (The previous wages were stated incorrectly – it is 10 gp per tenday).

The caravan in the front is maned by The Pole and a merchant. The ettercap and spider ambush is throughout the caravan, proving difficult for the party. The group manages to defeat them, but one ettercap gets away with the merchant’s horse. He insists The Pole and some of the party to go get the horse, but they refuse to send Sulesdeg on a suicide mission. Peeking into his wagon, Fen Long realizes what the merchant thinks are invaluable Kalashite silks, are actually infested with worms and therefore useless. He is Nyerhite Verther, male human, dark skin, Chondathian. Fen Long does not inform him of the problem with his freight.

Days 5 – 9

Mirtul 24 – 28

Day 10

Mirtul 29
Torkon notices that at least a couple of the guards from one of the guard wagons have been eyeing him and seem to be on to the party. One in particular. Fen Long and Laucian are going to try and figure out a “solution” without raising suspicion. Fen Long manages to slip him something that makes him sick and sleepy. That night, assisted by Laucian’s casting of Invisibility, he slips into the tent and smothers the guard. He manages to slip back out unnoticed.

Event – successfully completed Recognized

Day 11

Mirtul 30

Nothing happens.

Day 12

Kythorn 1

Nothing happens.

Day 13

Kythorn 2

Midday, the caravan comes upon a wagon on its side. A merchant and his guards are taking refuge behind, surrounded by hobgoblins. Suspecting a trap, the party nonetheless engages the hobgoblins when they attack the merchant and guards. They slay the hobgoblins and their captain runs away. The merchant, a noble, thanks the group profusely. He requests help getting his wagon righted, to buy some horses, and to join caravan with his guard. His name is Eloshin and he seems to be carrying spices and sundry. The party gets him hooked up to the caravan for a finders fee of 20 gp. He has plenty of money to buy horses.

Event – successfully completed Stranded

Day 14

Kythorn 3

The party rounds a bend in the road, hearing shouting ahead. Investigating, they find human head laying in the middle of the road. It appears that the man has been buried in the road and is unconcious, but not dead. Niri heals him and extracts him. He is dehydrated and has been exposed to the elements. Nyerhite suggests that we leave him as he has “oath breaker” carved in the dirt before him. The merchants are perturbed as the party unburies him over the course of a couple hours. Once the man is dug out, the party rests for a bit, until finally, the man is able to talk.

He was promised to marry a woman, but he broke up with her because he found out her father and brother are bandits and expected him to join their gang. Laucian thinks he’s lying, based on a check, but later finds a Harper tattoo. He gives a signal that he’s a Harper, but continues to question him for cover, and brings him along. Carlon Amoffel is his name. Carlon then rides with Laucian. He says he’s trailing the cultists, they found him out, and did this to him. He will help us when we get to Waterdeep as he is from there.

Event – Payback

Day 15

Kythorn 4

Event #2



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