Forgotten Realms 5th Edition

Episode 3: Dragon Hatchery, Part 3

Tyranny of Dragons

Start Day: Tarsahk 27th

Players: Charles, Jeff, Jon, Katie

After mercilessly slaying the helpless baby dragons, the PCs explore more of the cave. They run into a couple cultists, and follow them outside the cave to be confronted by the remaining cultists. Frulam Mondath waits for them there, and tells them she must go but expects them soon to die. She then rides off on her dragon, and the PCs fight off a horde of cultists. After the fight, the PCs meet Tym, a drunken member of the cult who doesn’t seem very dedicated…or sober.They travel back to Greenest, and are given horses with which to ride 6 days to Elturgard, the capital of Elturul. There they meet Ontharr Frume who engages the PCs in some friendly games to test their mettle. They pass with flying colors, and later meet with Onthar, Leosin Erlanthar, and Ylvia who explain to the PCs that the cult’s stolen loot is moving north, through Baldur’s Gate, to destinations unknown. They want the PCs to hook up in a wagon train with the loot and find out where it is being taken.

end Day: Mirtul 4th

XP Total: 2907



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